Safety First

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Safety First

Today’s Daily Prompt: Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

As an avid runner from the midwest, I’ve grown accustomed to running in many different weather patterns. From blizzard conditions, to terrible humidity, to everything in between, I’m prepared for it all!

There was one day where I just needed to run. I had just gotten home from a four-hour drive, and I just needed the cardio. I didn’t have a lot of time before the storm came, but I thought I had about 20 minutes with no warm up or anything. So I just went out near the corn fields- in Central Illinois- my favorite place to run. Wasn’t even raining yet.

I remember it being super hot and humid when I left. Sports bra and shorts running weather. I must have been hydrated nicely, because it was a great run while it lasted! I was really in the zone and my mind just focused on running. I remember the skies kind of had that cool, eerie look. I was excited for the rain to come- it would cool down the temperature at least 5 degrees. I could honestly smell it approaching.

Then all of a sudden: BOOM!! Thunder and lightning just came out of no where and it literally knocked me on my butt! I was SO scared! I was only about ten minutes from home (running), but oh-my-god the rain all of a sudden was insane!!

You’re probably thinking, ‘why on Earth were you running in the cornfields during a thunderstorm?’

But I really didn’t think it was going to be that bad.

Obviously it’s a scary situation, but I felt so out of control of the situation. I was outside, in a remote area, about 10 minutes from home, no temporary shelter in sight, in this horrendous sounding thunder storm. The kind that only come at night, sometimes…

But I made it home! And this was a time when I truly felt unsafe.



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