Press It – Good Reads

Press It

Today’s Daily Prompt: “Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.”

These are the blog posts that I would like to share. They are interesting, personal blogs that I find interesting and entertaining.

1. Collaborating with a 4-year old
I absolutely LOVE this post. Entering the mind of a four-year old just makes me happy. Reminds me of a simple, happy life. Moral of this post is to give others the self-worth they deserve.

2. Full speed, then stop, gracefully
Seth’s blog is filled with intelligent, laconic life hacks. This particular one resonates well with me, as I sometimes try and gradually wean myself away from something. I guess I have a hard time detaching, in fear of upsetting others. “Too often, we seduce ourselves into gradually backing off, in removing ourselves emotionally and organizationally, as if making ourselves unuseful for a while makes it easier for everyone.”

3. Why We Should Try to See the Good
This is a funny post about public transportation at its worst. Find your inner optimist and see yourself handling the situation just how the young girls did. 🙂



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