Greenwich & Zero Degrees Longitude

This post is part of my London entry, but it deserves its own page! 🙂

This part of the trip was actually probably my favourite part! Of all the cool things I saw, I really enjoyed this. If you know me, you know that I’m head over heels obsessed with maps, so this was really cool for me!

Greenwich is actually a borough of London, and not its own town, which I didn’t realize. On Saturday, we took a 30 minute boat-bus ride over to the adorable town of Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian! To get to the observatory, we had to walk through a small part of the town, as well as a beautiful park.

Right when we got off the boat, we saw this store below: “The First Shop in the World!” I thought this was super cute. 🙂




The Royal Observatory- Zero Degrees Longitude


Photos of the streets in Greenwich- After seeing the observatory, we walked around the town!



Heaps Sausages
8 Nevada Street, London
We had lunch at Heaps Sausages, and I thought the food was spectacular. I just had a sausage sandwich, but it was SO good!

Screenshot 2015-10-15 09.03.30


You can also find my Cambridge and London posts in this blog! 🙂


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