Even though this blog is about me living in Canada, I’m still going to write about my amazing trip to London!

I was there for one week, and it was such an amazing trip!! London is SO beautiful! It’s clean, the people are great, and contrary to many people’s opinions, I thought the food was great, and in some cases spectacular! Although we were there for just a week, I saw everything I wanted to see and more! London is HUGE, so we were quite busy and focused on getting to where we wanted to go.

General Photos!
(Photos not worthy of their own section)


1. Hotel
The Royal Horseguards. I felt like a member of the royal family just by saying “I’m staying at the Royal Horseguards.” The hotel itself was beautiful, and people would always open the front door for me. European rooms are typically pretty small, so for Euro standards, our room was fairly large with gorgeous views of the River Thames and The Eye (the giant ferris wheel shown below).


2. The Tube
The tube was our primary mode of transportation, and the line map looks like this:

Screenshot 2015-10-14 15.31.42

Though it looks intimidating and confusing, it’s really not bad!

Screenshot 2015-10-17 15.36.08

If you’ve been to London, you understand what these three little words mean 🙂


3. Notting Hill
I was SO excited to see the apartment building from Notting Hill, one of my faourite movies! Notting Hill is actually a district in London, and it’s kind of off the beaten path. Very clean, cute area. Lots of flowers and markets. A lot different from the area where our hotel was in- it had a quirkier vibe with narrow, cobblestone streets. I love it here, a lot!


4. Palaces
The Palaces were so neat to see. After seeing them in person, I’ve really become interested in the history of the Royal Windsor Family!


5. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge
Even though it’s really just a bridge, it’s an abnormally awesome bridge! We walked across it and decided to go inside. We took an elevator to the top, where we were able to walk across a glass floor! We didn’t go into the Tower of London, but they’re right next to each other, and it was pretty neat, in kind of a creepy way. 🙂


6. Food
I’ve heard so many people say “Oh, London’s great, just don’t eat their food.” I was skeptical about this because it’s such a big city- you can go to Chipotle if you don’t like their traditional food. Obviously, I was excited to try the food, but I was waiting to eat a bad meal, and I never did!

Here’s a traditional English breakfast that I found to be superb: Tea, scrambled eggs, baked beans, sausage, a tomato, a mushroom, and some sort of bacon. I’m actually not sure what the round, black thing on top of the beans is, and I didn’t eat it. This cafe is located under a very old church, which is really cool!



Cafe in the Crypt – Trafalgar Square


7. Hyde Park & Speakers Corner
Pretty much impossible to capture the beauty and vastness of this park, but I tried…

I had no idea what Speakers Corner was, and didn’t know it was a famous thing in London. This is something that happens every Sunday, and it’s super entertaining. When I was there, I saw three different men talking (screaming) about their religion. Onlookers for the most part just kind of laugh. A few brave people say things to rile the speakers up, and then it gets crazy!

Screenshot 2015-10-17 15.52.39


8. Tate Modern Art Museum: A FREE art museum!


9. Excursions
I created separate posts for my excursions to Greenwich and Cambridge!


4 thoughts on “LONDON

  1. The black thing on your breakfast is called Black Pudding and is made from congealed blood which is friend. It divides opinion over here with as many disliking it as liking it. And we would call that “proper bacon”. One of the few things most Brits hate about the US and Canada is that the bacon is about 50% fat and 50% meat friend until hard. We prefer our bacon to be about 80% meat and on that subject we are absolutely right.

    And if you come back do get to the Tower of London and take the Beefeater tour which is well worth it. And that the Verger Tour in Westminster Abby where you get to places not generally accessible. AT one point you are sitting in a circle made up of the tombs of six English medieval kings

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