Point Roberts, Washington, U.S.A.

Are you ready to hear about the most Canadian city in the United States? An American city who measures gasoline in litres; uses the Canadian water supply; and if there’s an emergency, the Canadian fire department responds? Welcome to Point Roberts, Washington.



Back in the late 1800’s when the American/Canadian border was set at the 49th parallel, the gentlemen marking the land didn’t notice Point Roberts! As a result, there’s about 1000 square feet of land off of mainland USA that is apart of Washington. And it’s super funny!

Unfortunately, when I was there, it was pretty overcast, so my photos didn’t turn out so great.

Screenshot 2015-10-15 10.40.09


The street is in the States, and to the left is Canada!

All in all, it is a very underwhelming little city, despite being on a gorgeous part of the Georgia Strait! But, as always, I had fun. My next little excursion will be to London, and I don’t mean London, Ontario. 🙂


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