Victoria, BC


Are you ready to hear about the cutest, quaintest, and most British town in the world!? Good! Welcome to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. It took a little more than an hour and a half to get there from the ferry in Tsawwassen, and what a gorgeous ride it was!

Here is Victoria on a map. It is on the very southern tip of Vancouver Island, just north of Washington state.


Mile Zero
They call this area pictured below “Mile 0” because it’s the most southern point of Vancouver Island. The mountains in the distance are actually in Washington. The walk down here was so beautiful! Not to mention, the weather was absolutely perfect!!


View of Washington and the Strait de Fuca from Mile Zero

The Food
Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life was here in Victoria! Starting from the beginning, I munched on a plate of fish and chips on the pier downtown. For dinner that night, I had the best tapas I’ve ever eaten in the cutest exposed-bricked restaurant I’ve ever seen. Accompanied by two glasses of Sangria, I obviously had their bacon wrapped dates, which were amazing. Then I had their octopus, which was SO delicious! Their scallops were absolutely to die for.

Perro Negro
536 Yates St. Victoria, BC- 250-382-2344

The next morning, I had breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, especially in Canada. Like I said in a previous post, The Brunch!, Canadians take their breakfast very seriously. I found a restaurant called Mo:Lé, and wow. BEST Eggs Benny meal I’ve EVER had. Canadians are super proud of their eggs bennies, and they really should be.

This place was a smaller, super charming joint, with friendly staff!

Mo:Lé Restaurant
554 Pandora Ave. Victoria, BC 250-385-6653



The Streets of Victoria
Quaint, colorful, narrow, and adorable!


The Parliament Building
Since Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, it’s only right that I include these two photos in my blog. I didn’t take an organised tour of the building, but there are a few rooms open to the public that I was able to see.

Screenshot 2015-12-28 14.28.14Screenshot 2015-12-28 14.28.56


Butchart Gardens
My future wedding is going to be held at Butchart Gardens and I’m NOT flexible. Seriously the most beautifully landscaped garden I’ve ever seen! Butchart Gardens is a staple for Victoria tourism- it probably took about an hour to walk through the whole thing. They had different garden sections: Japanese, Italian, French, rose gardens, and perhaps a couple others. It was HUGE at $30/person.





2 thoughts on “Victoria, BC

  1. That ferry trip is one of the best sea journeys in the world as it weaves in an out of the channels around the islands. I did it sat on deck on a glorious sunny day. Make sure you get to Tofino and go sea kayaking and to Telegraph Cover for bear watching and getting out on a boat among the killer whales


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