Vancouver Pride

Pride is wonderful thing. To have an enormous group of people from all sorts of backgrounds come together to show their loving support is beautiful! Just a bit of a history lesson, Canada became the forth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2005. However, 10 provinces had already legalized it in 2003.

I just need to get this out of my system; here is my favourite photo from the weekend of pride:


As I may have mentioned earlier, I live in the Boystown of Vancouver. When I tell people where I live, their reaction is usually “oh, how fun!” Or, “what a colorful neighbourhood;” or, “wow, best people watching ever!” Living in this district makes it seem like everyday is “pride day!” Just to give you an idea, the picture below shows the infamous rainbow crosswalk in the West End:


I was so excited to check out the parade here in Vancouver and compare it to the parade in Chicago. The city of Chicago is obviously very liberal, so to be honest, the parade wasn’t much different. The atmosphere felt the same, as well as the general “gayness” of the entire weekend. 🙂 One difference that sticks out in my mind was that the affair here lasted three days. Day 1 included restaurant kiosks that lined up and down Davie Street. (Think of a very small ‘Taste of Chicago’) Day 2 was a concert. And Day 3 was the big parade. Now, Vancouver is tiny in population compared to Chicago, so the crowds here are much more manageable. It was a great weekend for the fest! Now here are some more photos!





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