Zip-Lining, Mountain Climbing, & Swimming in Whistler, BC

I am SO anxious to write about my time in Whistler! (I still need to write about climbing Grouse Mountain). There’s a lot I want to share about the charming ski resort, but for this post, I’m going to stick to the fun adventures that I went on.

This weekend, I drove up to Whistler, BC! It’s about an hour and a half north of Vancouver, and it’s known for being a large ski resort, much like Aspen or Vail. I really wanted to come here for the views and the mountain climbing! Little did I know, there is so much a person can do in the village, even in the summer. Whistler was home to the majority of events in the 2010 Winter Olympics. It was really neat to see the ski routes and the bobsled/luge arena when I was here.

First of all, the second-to-coolest thing I did in Whistler was go zip-lining! It was my first time going, (unfortunately, no pictures of me hanging upside down in mid-air!) and it was very exhilarating! I went in a group with two tour guides; one Australian and one British- they were awesome!! We went up the mountain and it took five zip lines to get down! Breathtaking views!


The coolest thing that I did was take the gondolas up Blackcomb Mountain and Whistler Mountain and walk around at the very top!! It took four or five gondolas to get to the top, each steeper and more frightening than the last!  Before moving to Vancouver, I had very little experience going anywhere above sea level. Since living here, I’ve climbed a few mountains now! Each larger than the last, requiring more and more bravery! This climb was absolutely incredible. I really got the opportunity to experience the feeling of reveling in nature’s beauty, and it’s something I will never forget. It was pretty fun for me to see snow in July 🙂

Whistler is also home to many, many black bears, cougars, and Grizzly bears. Luckily, the record-breaking, high temperatures made it impossible to be worried about any wildlife.

It’s also worth mentioning the sharp temperature changes from the bottom of the mountain to the top! It was around 35 degrees Celcius before I rode the gondola, which is super hot! When I got to the top, I thought I was going to freeze! I was definitely not prepared for the strong winds and temperate drop! I mean, I’m just a nice, midwestern girl! Now, I’m a nice midwestern girl with a very bad sunburn. 🙂

I hope you enjoy my photos! I had a really great time.

Elevation at the top: 7,350 ft or 2,240 m

IMG_3204  IMG_3221  IMG_3227  IMG_3217  IMG_3197  IMG_3203  IMG_3205  IMG_3236  IMG_3225  IMG_3206 IMG_3209  IMG_3238


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