To my friends back home, yes, Canada Day is just like the Fourth of July. Many businesses are closed; retail stores are offering unbeatable sales; and the streets are a little more red and white than they normally are. Robson Street, one of the main streets in downtown, was hustling and bustling with Vancouverites yesterday! Some draped in their own Canadian flags!

To experience Canada Day as an American, it’s a beautiful thing! Seeing a large group of people gather together to show their patriotism and celebrate their colors is really cool.

To show my support, I had a few Canadian beers, as well as Tim Horton’s that morning.

Fireworks were shot from Canada Place, but viewing the show was quite difficult, since they were shot directly behind a building! It was actually quite funny!

All in all, Canada Day was a success! I love Canada!!!

Here are some photos I took during the day:



A great shot of the Olympic Torch!


Showing of the World Cup; England vs Japan


Couldn’t have wished for a more perfect day!


Ozzie- celebrating from afar


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