Running in Canada

Fitness in Vancouver is huge. I thought Chicago was a relatively healthy city, but it’s nothing compared to Vancouver. Although, maybe it’s because Lululemon’s corporate office is right around the corner? I don’t know, but I’ve never seen so many people with healthy-looking BMI’s and women in yoga pants. I finally feel like I fit in!

Yoga, biking, hiking, and running enthusiasts shall live happily ever after in Van!

I typically run sans music, but lately I’ve been needing it for some reason. Since my music is on my phone, and it’s been so gorgeous lately, I decided to snap some photos during a long run! 🙂

Screenshot 2015-12-28 12.08.33

My first time in Vancouver- running the seawall!

IMG_2788IMG_2779IMG_2693Screenshot 2015-12-28 12.12.29



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