Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC

Oh. My. God. Are you all ready to learn about the most beautiful gem of a place in the world!? Good. Welcome to Deep Cove. Deep Cove is a tiny area situated in North Vancouver along a small bay. It took about an hour to get there via bus.

Having only a few intersections to claim, it’s a nice weekend getaway. When I was there, I noticed a group of standing paddle boarders and kayakers, as well as a lot of sailboats! The contrast of the oh-so-blue water to the trees that are oh-so-green is absolutely stunning!!

First, I grabbed coffee from the cafe shown below. I went hiking up Mount Seymour, then I grabbed sushi. The hike up the mountain took me about 35-45 minutes, and was by far the most hardcore climb I’ve ever done! This hike really made me want to hike more! I can’t wait to hike in Whistler!

Deep Cove is paradise for the outdoor enthusiast, like me!



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